We are a multidisciplinary team of specialists in the furniture industry.

For more than a dozen years now we have been developing a business that has evolved from a small manufacturing workshop, making upholstered furniture, into a company that creates and implements complex projects of furnishing interiors, both private and public.

We specialize in design and production of the highest quality furniture.

We are present there, where our clients carry out their projects.

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upholstered furniture

We make upholstered furniture, which is an integral part of furnishing beautiful interiors.

Long years of experience combined with modern technology and handcrafted details let us create a unique harmony.

We use unusual solutions, both traditional and modern, and above all, we are able to see the individual needs of our clients.

Meble tapicerowane

custom carpentry
and furniture

We like challenges, so our offering also features solutions that require a combination of different technologies, for example: wood, metal, glass, stone.

We carry out custom-made projects, such as furniture and entire collections for contract clients.

From the concept stage development, preparation of the project, through prototypes of models, to the final product, arranged and refined.

The comprehensive scope of our services is appreciated by Contractors from the hotel, catering, design and interior design industries

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Projekty indywidualne

individual projects

To meet the expectations of our customers, we offer a furniture design service.

Our team consists of specialists in wood technology, fabric technology, metal, or glass, who are real experts in their fields.

In combination with good design, we can create unusual, unique, timeless projects.

Projekty indywidualne

cooperation with designers and design offices

We cooperate with Architects and Design Offices. We value the mutual exchange of experience and competence, which allow us to make great projects ensuring satisfaction of our customers.

Współpraca z projektantami i biurami projektowymi
Opracowanie technologiczne

technological developments

Coming to us, you may only have an idea or inspiration. We will take care of the rest. We will make suggestions, show examples, guide and advise you. Upon request, we will make material tests, prepare technological studies and execution documentation.

Opracowanie technologiczne



We believe that the only way to achieve success is through cooperation. The implementation of a complex project is a team effort that depends on the coordination of many specialties.

We offer professional support, knowledge and experience. We have an extensive database of materials, fabrics and samplers.

Each project is a valuable, complex process for us.

From our side, you can expect an open welcome and partnership relationship.

We invite Investors, Creators, Designers, Architects and Stylists to cooperate with us.




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