Anna Sarnecka
+48 504 43 77 13
Albert MateĊ„ko
+48 603 666 594

Powsinska 69/71 Street,
02-273 Warsaw, Poland
phone/fax: +48 22 642 50 29

About Us


We are modern manufacturer of furniture and upholstered structures.
In our company we can jointly develop and implement original designs, but also restore the splendor of the furniture of the past.

We are a studio in which from beginning to end you can decide on every detail, comfort and shape tailor-made furniture, the sophisticated upholstery and interior design.

Sophisticated fabrics, highest quality materials, unusual ideas, attention to detail and over the years acquired knowledge and experience in the creation will guarantee that your furniture will be unique.

We work with architects and interior designers.
Our clients are individuals seeking quality and originality, people known from the front pages of newspapers and television, large international companies aiming at providing the highest standard of service to their customers and institutions such as the Royal Castle in Warsaw.
We have also specially prepared offer for hotels, restaurants and public institutions.

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